Reimagine home repair & remodeling

Free for homeowners - Receive and compare unlimited bids directly from local contractors


Post your project

Post your project within minutes with the easy to use interface, and instantly you’re ready to receive bids from independent contractors for your home repair and remodeling projects

Receive bids

You can view contractor bids right from your property owners dashboard. You can also message contractors directly if you have additional questions about a proposal

Hire a contractor

There are many great contractors to choose from. Cisol’s Place provides the capability to hire the right contractor with a single click

The modern way to get your home repair and remodeling projects done

Whether you have a small or large project, Cisol’s Place network of skilled independent contractors has you covered.

Popular Home Repair and Remodeling Areas

Cisol’s Place enables you to compare estimates efficiently and helps you to look beyond price to compare the quality of the building materials, work methods and timelines.

Bathroom Remodeling

Hire the best bathroom remodelers in your area

Cleaning Services

Connect with affordable home and commercial cleaning contractors

Handyman Services

Hiring local independent contractors when possible can lead to huge savings


Independent contractors should be easier to contact before, during and after your project


Local independent contractors may be more familiar with local building codes or homeowners association restrictions


The vast majority of contractors are honest and trustworthy. Compare ratings along with your received bids.

“I’ve been very impressed with the platform. Every property owner needs to know about Cisol’s Place. We found skilled independent contractors offering great prices.”
Lamar Harris, managing partner

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